Bed and Breakfast and Gite in Morvan – Burgundy "Les Champs Cordois"

chambre d'hôte aux Champs Cordois Les Champs Cordois Table d'hôte aux Champs Cordois

Our Animals

Athos 2010 Timi 2010 Let us introduce our friends, two dogs and two horses.
The dogs are both retrievers.

- Athos is a Golden Retriever, a real teddy bear, very gentle and his dream is to be a lapdog.

- Timi is a Flat Coated Retriever as good dog as Athos but a little more overactive being younger.
Our dogs are not allowed in the host part.

The horses:
- Rodrigue is from Portugal, perfect for dressage which is Dominique’ passion. He is in our meadows since we moved in 6 years ago, he is part of the family. In Spring, he goes to a riding club to be trained.

- Sircé is an Anglo-Arabian mare, for the endurance races. She was born in the Arabian breeder in our village.
She is the mother of Afouane who is going to be broken next Summer. He is a very good friend, curious and playing jokes.